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The Marketing/Outreach Department is responsible for the planning, developing and implementation of all of the organization’s marketing strategies, communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. The Marketing/Outreach Department assists with the coordination of health fairs in the community as well as provides resources for those seeking assistance with navigating through the health care system. Contact Jennifer Richardson at 762-499-6962 or jrichardson@aneighbor.org.  Anyone seeking an internship, preceptorship, or volunteer opportunities may send a resume along with hours of availability to jrichardson@aneighbor.org

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ANHC has Certified Application Counselors (CAC’s) who are licensed to assist with Health Plans.  They provide counseling and enrollment services for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Contact Jennifer Richardson for more information at 762-499-6962or jrichardson@aneighbor.org.

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Scheduled Your Annual Wellness Visit Yet?

source: optum.com

We get it. Going to the doctor is not everyone’s favorite activity. But take a look at the following reasons to have an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). We bet you’ll see why it’s so important to get this appointment on your calendar.


1. You can track your health year to year: You and your doctor can talk about ways to improve your health and create an action plan. Next year, your doctor can look at where you were this year. Then, you can see if your health has changed over time.

2. You can catch problems early: Having a yearly visit means your doctor can easily see changes in your health. Maybe your blood pressure is higher, or you’ve lost a lot of weight without dieting. If you skip an AWV, important changes could be missed.When you have an AWV, your doctor can catch problems at an earlier stage, when they are usually easier to treat.

3. You can share important health information: Keep your doctor updated on your medical and family health history. This helps your doctor understand what could raise your chances of getting sick.The AWV also gives your doctor a good overview of your medical and surgery history, and the medicines and supplements you take.The visit is also a good time to turn in your advance care planning worksheet. This worksheet helps you put in writing your end-of-life wishes. Your doctor will keep it in your medical file so your wishes are known.

4. It helps your doctor understand you better: When you skip the AWV, you end up only seeing your doctor when you’re sick. It’s harder for someone to care for you when they don’t know you well.

5. And finally, it’s free: There’s no charge and no copay for your AWV. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t met your deductible or which type of health insurance you have. Just remember that you need to have your AWV with a doctor or provider who accepts Medicare.“We believe the Annual Wellness Visit is well worth the little time it takes,” said Joshua Jacobs, MD, Optum Care. “Our goal is to keep you healthy, not just see you when you’re sick.”

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UGA Diabetes Education Program

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Contact Michelle Mcelhannon for information concerning the UGA Diabetes Education Program at mmcelhan@uga.edu.